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Hochmoor Small Animal Hospital

Our small animal hospital consists of a team of app. 15 experienced and motivated veterinarians and veterinary nurses. You can bring your pet to us for routine procedures such as vaccinations or castrations. In cases of severe disorders we also admit pets as inpatients at the hospital for treatment. We successfully carry out complicated surgical procedures for fracture repair, cruciate ligament tears and spinal dysfunctions. Our hospital is also excellently equipped in terms of both skill and equipment for internal and emergency medicine as well as abdominal surgery.

Technical Equipment

Since 1990, the small animal hospital has the equipment for ultrasonographic examinations (including Doppler for cardiac diagnostics) and gastroscopy. We utilise the possibilities of computed tomography since 1995 and digital radiography since 2002. Via an internal network we are able to access the patient files in all examination rooms which ensures quick transfer of information and reduces waiting times. Naturally, we can receive previous patient files from your referring vet or forward x-rays taken by us to colleagues.

What you can expect

The best possible veterinary care for our patients is at the top of our agenda. We also strive to make you and your pet feel comfortable at our clinic. Our team treats its small patients with affection and competence. Diet and care are tailored to each patient’s needs and their ailment. Separate accommodation facilities for each animal ensure the quiet surroundings required for a speedy recovery. And, as a rule, waiting times are short before experienced veterinarians attend to your animal. 

Valuable cooperation

In various areas, the Tierklinik Hochmoor cooperates with renowned specialists in order to amplify and optimise the range of services for you and your four-legged friend. At the ophthalmic clinic which is part of Tierklinik Hochmoor and resides in a separate building on the opposite side of the road, our specialist Dr. Willy Neumann examines and treats all kinds of ocular disease upon prior appointment and also carries out breed suitability examinations according to DOK standard.   - More about the ophthalmic clinic here 

For highly diagnostic cardiac examinations, our ultrasound specialist is available. Upon prior appointment, we carry out sonographic examinations of inner organs and in particular the heart in order to choose the best treatment for our patient.

Cooperation with your referring veterinarian

We are readily available to provide a second opinion or further diagnostics and treatment. In order to make admission and initial examination of your pet fast and efficient, it is helpful for us to obtain a filled-in referral form from your referring vet.  You can either bring this with you (download PDF here) or your vet can fill in the referral form directly online and send it to us. In urgent cases, your referring vet should definitely call us to inform us about the patient’s arrival.