Friday 15 March 2019
* Language: Most of our Speakers are giving their lectures in Englisch, German mother tongue Speakers are free to choose German, in this case we offer an excellent simultanous translation into English

From 7:00 am REGISTRATION in Room "Brüssel"
8:15 Welcome Huskamp, N. H.
8:20 Clinical relevance of heart arrhythmias van Loon, G.
8:45 Managing large colon impactions and displacements in the field Hallowell, G. B.
9:00 Atrial fibrillation: diagnosis and treatment van Loon, G.
9:25 The imperfect science of predicting intestinal viability intraoperatively Gonzalez, L. M.
9:50 Discussion
10:00 Coffee break and visit to the trade exhibition
11:00 Standing orthopaedic surgery Bertone, A.
11:25 Arthroscopically assisted intralesional treatment of cysts in the medial femoral condyle Lichtenberg, D.
11:45 Equine arthroscopy: curative, preventive or cosmetic? Torre, F.
12:05 Stem cell-based cartilage repair: from the bench to clinical application in human patients Richter, W.
12:25 Allogenic chondrogenic-induced mesenchymal stem cells to treat joint disease Bertone, A.
12:45 Discussion
13:00 Lunch and visit to the trade exhibition
14:30 A current perspective on the use of perioperative antibiotics Torre, F.
14:50 A pragmatic recommendation for modern wound antisepsis, update 2018 Willy, C.
15:10 Control of antibiotic treatment of infected synovial structures through measurement of acute phase protein serum amyloid A Müller, A. C.
15:30 Dysphagia in the horse Feige, K.
15:50 Discussion
16:00 Coffee break and visit to the trade exhibition
17:00 New insights in fluid treatment of gastro-intestinal disease Hallowell, G. B.
17:20 Alterations in intestinal permeability and their influence on the postoperative course Gonzalez, L. M.
17:40 Diagnosis and treatment of sacroiliac joint disease Gerdes, C.
18:00 Discussion
18:15 End of first day.