Jacintha M. Wilmink, Dr. med. vet., DVM, PhD, Dipl RNVA

Woumarec, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Jacintha Wilmink graduated from Veterinary School of Utrecht University in the Netherlands. After having been in equine practice, she worked in the Department of Equine Sciences of Utrecht University from 1993 until 2001, where she did a residence in equine surgery and a PhD on equine wound healing. In 2003 she decided to start her own consultancy on wound management and reconstruction in the equine (“Woumarec”). Her mission is to improve equine wound management and to make available knowledge and specialistic surgery and treatment to every horse and every practitioner. As freelance surgeon she performs surgery in many clinics on complicated wounds and scars by applying skin grafting techniques and wound or scar reconstructions. She advices practitioners during treatment of wounds. Besides, she is often invited as speaker on international congresses, and as lecturer for courses and workshops on equine wound management in the Netherlands and abroad. Additionally, is involved in international research on equine wound healing as well.