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The ophthalmic clinic for large and small animals

At the ophthalmic clinic of the Hochmoor Veterinary Hospital, one of the first ophthalmic clinics for animals in Germany, a team of highly qualified specialists with outstanding long-term experience dedicate their time exclusively to research, diagnostics and treatment of ocular disease in horses and small animals (predominantly dogs and cats).

The eyes are one of the most important sensory organs in animals, with their healthy function being of great importance for everyday contact as well as for the animal’s use in the sport. Even changes on one or both eyes which primarily seem harmless could potentially be the beginning of a serious disease/functional disorder. Only early diagnostic measures and a qualified, specific treatment can differentiate and provide adequate management for diseases present and avoid pain as well as complications (blindness, loss of use).

As a referral clinic, our team is available for veterinarians from all over Germany with a 24-hour on-call service in order to be able to provide professional assistance in problem cases as well as emergencies. 
In order to make admission and primary examination of your horse fast and efficient, we find it helpful to receive a referral form filled in by your vet (download PDF). You can either bring this with you or your referring veterinarian can fill in the referral form directly online and send it to us. In urgent cases, your referring veterinarian should by all means inform us of the patient’s arrival via telephone.