- Reviewer for Equine Veterinary Journal, Equine Veterinary Education, The Veterinary Journal, Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound, the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, The Horse Betting Levy Board, Pratique vétérinaire equine

- Assistant editor of Equine Veterinary Education

Research activities and areas of professional interest : locomotor system of the horse

- Anatomy

- Comparative imaging (computed/digital radiography, ultrasonography, thermography, nuclear scintigraphy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in horses, especially ultrasonography of joints

- Biomechanics and functional anatomy of the equine locomotor system

- Lamenesses and pain manifestations

- Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and training of sport and race horses


Bibliography (most relevant)


- Author of 3 books

Denoix J.-M. Biomechanics and physical training of the horse. CRC Press, 2013, 195 pages (translated in French).

Denoix J.-M. The Equine Distal Limb : An Atlas of Clinical Anatomy and Comparative Imaging. Manson Publishing Ltd, London. 2000, 390 pages, 1200 figures (translated in 3 languages).

Denoix J.-M., Pailloux J.P. Physical therapy and massage for the horse. Manson publishing, 1995, 230 pages (translated in 6 languages).

- Author of chapters in 8 international books

Selected papers :

Last year

Coudry V. and Denoix J.-M. (2013) Ultrasonographic examination of the palmar aspect of the pastern of the horse: Digital flexor tendons and digital sheath. Equine Veterinary Education, 25, 4, 196-203. (IF 2011 = 0.545).

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Last decade:

Coudry V., Thibaud D., Riccio B., Audigie F., Didierlaurent D., Denoix J.-M.  Efficacy of tiludronate in the treatment of back pain in horses: a unicentric placebo-controlled clinical trial. American Journal of Veterinary Research, 2007, 68, 329-337.

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Last millennium:

Denoix J.-M., Busoni V. : Ultrasonographic anatomy of the accessory ligament of the superficial digital flexor tendon in horses. Equine vet. J. 1999, 31 (3), 186-191.

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