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XXIII. Tagung über Pferdekrankheiten within EQUITANA in Essen

On the first conference day (15 March 2019), the multifaceted programme of the XXIII. Tagung über Pferdekrankheiten comprises presentations by European and North American speakers, among others on the topics of clinical examinations of patients with cardiac arrhythmia, treatment of colon obstipation, new developments in the area of stem cell treatment and arthroscopic surgery as well as advice on sensible use of antibiotics in equine practice.  

The second day (16 March 2019) includes reports on the effects of the acquisition of equine hospitals by investors which will subsequently be discussed with the audience (panel discussion: Investors in Equine Practice: for the Animals' Benefit?). Topics such as disorders of the suspensory ligament, the mandibular joint or the nuchal ligament of the horse will also be addressed on Saturday.  Wound management of field injuries and the treatment of colon displacement are further interesting items on the second day of the conference.

A trade exhibition with more than 40 companies as well as the equestrian sports fair EQUITANA which takes place simultaneously complete the attractive offering of this event in Essen.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Essen!

In order to register, please use one of the options below:

-          online registration form 

-          fax registration form

Should you have any questions regarding registration, please give us a call

Nadja Deis - +49 2863 2099-781 or send us an email at tagungENTFERNEN@tierklinik-hochmoorENTFERNEN.de.

We would like to keep you regularly informed here or on our Facebook site.